mount street in mayfair: a visitor’s guide

With a history rooted in trade and antiquity, discover the many layers of Mount Street as you wander through today’s most desirable fashion and design boutiques.

Where is Mount Street?

Roughly half a mile in length, Mount Street in Mayfair is nestled in the heart of the illustrious district, which is located in the City of Westminster, London. Stretching from Park Lane in the west to Davies Street in the east, it intersects Park Street and South Audley Street. This charming street leads to iconic landmarks such as Berkeley Square, Mount Street Mews, and the serene Mount Street Gardens to the south.

Mount Street’s origins

The history of Mount Street

Mount Street derives its name from Oliver’s Mount, remnants of fortifications erected during the English Civil War in the seventeenth century. Oliver’s Mount gave its name to a number of streets and buildings in the area including Mount Street and the Mount Coffee House during Mayfair’s development by master builders in the early eighteenth century.

Mount Street Gardens, located nearby, originally served as a burial ground for St James Parish but was closed in the 1850s. In the late nineteenth century, the first Duke of Westminster oversaw the reconstruction of the street, outfitting it with the intricately detailed Queen Anne revival style architecture favoured at the time. This architectural heritage has been diligently preserved, maintaining the street’s historic charm.

Multifaceted Mount Street

Another layer of Mount Street’s multifaceted history is as a home to luxury hotels. In 1815, Francis Grillon established a hotel here that would later evolve into today’s Connaught Hotel. Similarly, a discreet private hotel that originally bore the name Lemm’s Hotel, likely established by Michael Lemm in 1828, later became the Grosvenor Hotel in 1840, billed as London’s grandest hotel.

But Mount Street’s story isn’t one entirely defined by opulent living. In the Victorian era, a 600-bed workhouse, providing bed and board in return for labour, was located here. Infamous for their dire conditions, child labour and litany of gruesome accusations, workhouses for the poor existed across London, and Mayfair was no exception.

Commerce through the ages

Through the centuries, Mount Street has attracted trade and business, from John Robson’s nineteenth century coach manufactory to its current status as one of the world’s most intimate exclusive shopping destinations. Mount Street was once renowned for housing the finest antique dealers in the UK, selling treasures from furniture and jewellery to pottery and fireplaces. In the twenty-first century, the street sparkles with glamorous luxury boutiques, with iconic brands including Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin and Carolina Herrera setting up shop here.

Mount Street’s architectural heritage has been diligently preserved, maintaining the area’s historic charm.
Today Mount Street is regarded as a hotspot for luxury shopping and designer fashion.

Famous Residents

Mount Street has been home to many famous residents in its time including the celebrated English novelist Frances Burney, who was an inspiration to Jane Austen and William Thackeray. Alongside her literary accomplishments, Burney held the grandly titled ‘Keeper of the Robes’ position for Queen Charlotte, George III’s Queen. Two twentieth century British Prime Ministers – Herbert Henry Asquith and Sir Winston Churchill – called the street home. Other cultural figures including John Ruskin, leading art critic of the nineteenth century,  have lived and worked here, admiring its beautiful architecture and air of refinement.

Buildings of Note

As you make your way through Mount Street in Mayfair, be sure to look up and around you, as the street has several noteworthy buildings, in addition to The Connaught and The Biltmore Mayfair luxury hotels. The world-renowned gun-maker James Purdey & Sons, established in 1814, occupies the corner of Mount Street and South Audley Street, while Scott’s, a classic seafood restaurant and heritage institution, can be found at No. 20 Mount Street. No. 54 serves as the residence of the Brazilian ambassador.

Things to Do

A day out in Mount Street means experiencing the most elegant architecture, parks, shops and galleries in central London. Keen shoppers are treated to fashion houses like Lanvin and Jenny Packham Boutique, as well as specialist shops like Sautter of Mount Street, a legendary cigar shop established half a century ago. There are boutiques from brands including Goyard, a heritage Parisian outfitter of leather goods. Foodies and hungry sightseers are spoiled for choice here. With too many to mention in a single paragraph, read our guide to Mayfair’s best restaurants for a complete guide to food in the area. However, for a quick caffeine hit and bite of something delectable, the pastries and desserts at The Connaught Patisserie by Nicolas Rouzaud are unbeatable.

Art lovers can lose themselves in a multitude of galleries representing established and emerging artists, including Gagosian, Sadie Coles Hamilton Gallery, and Lyndsey Ingram. You can find an in-depth rundown of the art scene in Mayfair here. If you’re looking for a moment of peace amongst the excitement of Mount Street in Mayfair, there are plenty of hidden green spaces and serene enclaves to discover including Brown Hart Gardens, Grosvenor Square, and Mount Street Gardens.

Mount Street Gardens offers an enclave of serenity a stone’s throw from the busy street.
How to Get to Mount Street

In the heart of central London, Mount Street is close to several tube stations, ensuring a convenient visit from all corners of the city. The nearest tube stations include:

Marble Arch Tube Station – a 10 minute walk

Green Park Tube Station – a 10 minute walk

Bond Street Station – a 5 minute walk

Oxford Circus Tube Station – a 20 minute walk

Or if you are in London for an extended stay then save yourself the hassle of public transport and stay with us. From Hyde Park Residence you can simply stroll from your front door to Mount Street in 5 minutes.


Mount Street offers a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of London. Discover the historic landmarks, indulge in luxury shopping, savour gourmet cuisine, and immerse yourself in arts and culture.

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