our new luxury serviced apartments in
mayfair are made to measure

For an elevated lifestyle choice, Hyde Park Residence blends timeless elegance, comfort and impeccable service.

Over the past two years, a remarkable transformation has taken place at 55 and 60 Park Lane. Our ambition – to offer guests the highest standards of modern living while cherishing our original 1930s architecture – led to collaborations with experts and artisans who really understood how to achieve this for our luxury serviced apartments. In partnership with EJ Interiors, John Dollimore Curtain Makers, Erdem Ventures, and Wychwood Art, we have created spaces that are not only luxurious but evoke a sense of ease and comfort. “I think it comes back to our essence – we want our apartments to feel like home,” says general manager James Partridge.

the process for refreshing our apartments

The interior designs for our newly refurbished serviced apartments brought together our hospitality team’s expertise with market insights from our advisors. Our designs were influenced firstly by our building’s classic 1930s heritage, and secondly by contemporary colour-blocking theory from the design and fashion world. This fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics underlines our commitment to our guests’ diverse tastes; from business travellers, to adventurous students and multi-generational families. “We’ve been doing this for a long time,” says head housekeeper Karen. “We know what people need and what they don’t need.”

Our serviced apartments are luxurious whilst evoking a sense of ease and comfort

minimising waste

In a conscious effort to reduce waste, we upcycled around 40% of our existing furniture, accessories and art. Restoration, repurposing, and re-presentation were key principles in minimising landfill contributions.“We’ve kept ornaments, furniture and special pieces from our old apartments – which we wanted to incorporate into the new designs,” says Karen. Our commitment to sustainability is shown in the restoration of many of our old mirrors, which we wanted to incorporate into the new designs. Mended and updated, these now sit perfectly alongside newly acquired modern pieces.

A living room in luxury serviced apartment with antique furniture alongside new cased goods and furnishings
Our apartments meld original pieces of restored furniture alongside new furnishings to create a timeless style

using bespoke experts for bespoke and beautiful interiors

Our partnerships with bespoke experts were instrumental in bringing our vision to life. John Dollimore’s custom window dressings elevate the apartments’ interiors. “The skills of his workforce are the ancient skills of handmade curtains, of small production lines,” says James.  EJ Interiors, responsible for procuring the majority of the new furniture, boasts a rich history of collaborating with design luminaries like Philippe Starck and Renzo Piano. Sasha Maksimovic, Commercial Director UK at EJ Interiors, emphasises, “When you’re working with hotels or serviced apartments, they have very specific designs which you need to follow. We do everything bespoke.” Working from Hyde Park Residence’s designs, EJ Interiors turned concepts into drawings and then brought them to fruition in their state-of-the-art factory. 

our serviced apartments are made to measure

Amidst all the options available, finding the perfect place to stay in London can be a daunting task (if you’re feeling overwhelmed this journal entry will help you out). This is especially true for extended stays. 

We understand the challenges – whether it’s for business or with your entire family. Our holdings of private apartments coupled with round-the-clock concierge services ensures that you’re able to live your life, on your own terms. “Our guests can live in our apartments straight away – if it is decorated to a taste that they like,” says James. “But there is always space for them to personalise it.” This essence of personalisation is at the core of what we offer – collaborating with our guests to craft the perfect home away from home.

With our network’s expertise, we have created living spaces that reflect individuality. When you choose us, you’re not just choosing an apartment; you’re choosing a home that resonates with your style, a place where luxury and personal touches intertwine seamlessly. At Hyde Park Residence, we believe that home is more than a space; it’s an experience, and we’re committed to making it an exceptional one for you.